Reading Together: SOCKS by Beverly Cleary

Reading Together: SOCKS by Beverly Cleary


"Socks is one happy cat. He lives the good life with his affectionate owners, Mr. and Mrs. Bricker. Ever since the day they saved him from a life spent in a mailbox drop slot, Socks has been the center of their world. And he always has everything he needs - tasty kitty treats and all the lap room he could want!

But when a new baby arrives, suddenly the Brickers have less and less time for Socks. Little Charles William is the one getting all the attention. Socks feels left out - and to show it, he starts getting into all sorts of trouble! What will it take to make Socks realize just how much the Brickers care about him?"

Since it is written from the perspective of Socks, the cat, this book is a pleasant tool to help your child understand how your cat's different behaviors may express their kitty feelings about changes in your family, and might even help your child adjust to changes in their world, too.

Children as young as 5 or 6 can enjoy this book as a read-a-loud. As you read, take time to stop occasionally and make sure more difficult vocabulary words are being understood. This is also a great chance for your child to express their opinions about the events of the book and the behavior of the characters.

Here are a few suggested questions for your reading discussions about Socks:    

1. At the beginning of the story, how do the Brickers find Socks, and why do they decide to adopt him?

2. How do you think Socks feels when Charles William comes home for the first time?

3. Can you explain what happened with Nana's wig?

4. If your pet was feeling left out or jealous because a new pet or family member was added to your family, how would you help your pet to feel part of the family again?

5. What was your favorite part of Socks?

6. What was your least favorite part?

7. Do you think your friend would like this book? How would you recommend Socks to your friend?

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