Ballerina Bunny to Build - Stuffing Kit and Book Boxed Set

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Perfect for your young ballerina, a Ballerina Bunny Book and Bear box will encourage your dancer to enjoy reading, too! 

Your little girl can build her own adorably soft bunny, name and adopt her new friend, and dress the bunny in a new ballerina outfit to wear while they dance together!

Picture book version includes We Love Ballet! by Jane Feldman and a Ballet Sticker Book.

Ballerina Bunny box chapter book version comes with the classic novel about young orphaned dancers, Ballet Shoes by Noel Steatfeild (mentioned in the Meg Ryan movie: You've Got Mail), and a favorite of young dancers since its first publication in 1956. PLUS a second chapter book: Ballet Bunnies: The New Class by Swapna Reddy for your young reader to read on her own.

Each Ballerina Bunny box is filled to the brim with:

  • A new plush animal your child will instantly love, all the soft and cuddly fur included
  • Generous amounts of soft, cloud-like stuffing so they can stuff their new best friend
  • No sewing necessary - simply close the zip tie, tear off the velcro protector and close it up when fully stuffed
  • Before closing up the back, have your dancer insert the purple Best Friends heart after making a wish! 
  • A new book to add to your growing library
  • BONUS: a purple ballerina outfit to dress your bunny in

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