Dog Stuffing Kit with Picture Book Boxed Set

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Size: Large Dog
Book: Picture Book

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Imagine your child's face lighting up with joy when they open a Book and Bear box and find a new puppy friend! This puppy needs no walking, feeding or cleaning up after, and only barks when your child's delighted voice barks for it.

Animals fascinate children, so allowing them to stuff an animal all on their own and keep it forever is a dream come true. And then they get to read a book about their new best friend? Heaven!

Dog box comes with a hardbound copy of Sorry, Grown-ups, You CAN'T Go To School, a fun picture book that celebrates the joys of starting school again after Summer Vacation.

Just the spark your child needs to fall in love with reading and continue that excitement all the way into adulthood. Plus, reading with your child every day strengthens that unbreakable bond, making them feel safe, comfortable, and loved.

Every Book and Bear box comes with:

  • A new plush animal your child will instantly love, all the soft and cuddly fur included
  • Generous amounts of soft, cloud-like stuffing so little hands can stuff their new best friend
  • No sewing necessary - simply zip or Velcro when fully stuffed
  • But before closing up the back, have your child insert the purple Best Friends heart after closing their eyes and making the biggest wish!
  • A beautiful hardbound picture book about your child's new best friend you can add to your growing library
  • Adoption papers so your new buddy is officially part of your family!
  • BONUS: Creative craft adventures, including a coloring book, sticker set, or perhaps even another fun toy

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*Plush animals are not recommended for children under three years old due to small parts (eyes).